The griddle plate is a special griddle designed to be used in a charcoal oven, another of Pira’s exclusive accessories

Our griddle plate is made of stainless steel, very thick, fully welded, polished and with an attractive design. The thickness of the plate, together with its crossbeams in the lower part of the grid, offers a resistance and durability unmatched in any other charcoal oven.

The special slope in the plate makes if for the oils to go to the general collector, and from there to the internal fat collector that all the Pira charcoal ovens have. Is because of this that we can avoid odors and excessive smoke that is generated by the fire and the flames produced when cooking very greasy products such as bacon, duck magret, sausages … but they are also ideal for cooking products initially thought for a griddle, for its delicacy or size, and that people do  not know that with our griddle  plate, they can be also cooked in a charcoal oven, like scrambleds, some types of fish, vegetables …

Its lateral arms allow the plate to be placed in an inclined position, this is the preferred position for greasy products, but the plate can also be placed in horizontal position, an optional position for non-greasy, small, or rounded shape poducts, to prevent them from slipping down.

It also has an independent movement system that makes possible to recharge the charcoal oven in the middle of the service, without having to remove the plate from the charcoal oven.

The griddle plate is manufactured without any corner where food residues can accumulate, meeting the highest standards in food safety and making easier at the same time a perfect and fast cleaning.