Grooved grill, made entirely of stainless steel, welded, polished and reinforced with crossbars across the grill to offer unparalleled strength and durability.


The channel’s wave form prevents the fire from reaching the food, making it a special grill to avoid odors and excess of smoke that are produced by the fire and flames that are generated when cooking very greasy products in a standard rod grill, such as duck magret, chicken with skin, sausages… but they are also ideal for delicate products where we do not want the fire to reach the food, such as some kind of fish, vegetables …

Oil Headed to the charcoal oven oil collector

Due to the special design of the grill, even though the fire does not touch the food, the grill will make the perfect mark of the grill in the cooked food.

Due to the shape of the grill, the fire can not reach the food.

Its lateral arms allow to place the grill in an inclined position, that is the preferred position for greasy products, but also in a totally horizontal position, an optional position for delicate products.

It also has an independent movement system that makes possible to recharge the charcoal oven in the middle of the service, without having to remove the plate from the charcoal oven.

The grill is manufactured without any corner where food residues can accumulate, obtaining the highest standards in food safety and facilitating at the same time a perfect and fast cleaning.