odorless, odor removal

Pira, complementing the FUO, offers the ODORLESS system.

This system for odor treatment combined based active carbon and chemical treatment cycle ensures the complete elimination of any odor generated in the kitchen. Therefore it is valid for any industrial kitchen, with or without oven and / or barbecue. ODORLESS avoids the inconvenience to neighbors
and bystanders that can cause odors emanating from industrial kitchens. These devices, in addition to using the proven technology of activated carbon, incorporate the use of a chemical odor neutralizer.

For optimum efficiency forces the gas stream through a series of filter frames, consisting of a prefilter followed by activated carbon impregnated polyester. The mechanical system of atomization for multifunction pump allows regulating foodstuff used, can meet to the needs of any installation. Therefore it ensures maximum efficiency with a minimum consumption.



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