Acquiring a Pira charcoal oven will take the restaurant to a new level, making the most of a Pira charcoal oven will lead you to excellence. At Pira we are sure of this, we know that our ovens are easy to use, but we also know that the possibilities they offer are endless, and we do not want our customers to only take advantage of their basic functionality. For this reason in Pira we put at your disposal the best chefs, so that any restaurant can get the most out of our ovens from the start, or even open them to options and possibilities that they had not thought.


Xavier Bernal with Pira 80Lux InoxNo matter where is located the restaurant, when you buy a Pira charcoal oven you will have the possibility of a chef moving to your restaurant to guide you in the beginnings. This ensures you can offer the best flavors from the first day.

We have a Showroom in Barcelona, very close to the airport and always open to the public. Making a visit to our facilities is very easy, so if you are interested, contact us and we will arrange a meeting. In the showroom we have several ovens and barbecues. There is also a space enabled with a Pira 120 Lux ED charcoal oven to do showcookings and masterclasses.



All of our chefs work daily with a Pîra charcoal oven, for this reason they are the true masters of the #Piraflavor. We have consultants from the best international hotels and restaurants, school directors, teachers, executive chefs … so the experience is assured.

At Pira we work with chefs such as Richard Alcayde, Jordi Bataller, Amador Fernandez, Jordi Limón, Xavier Bernal, Lorenzo Garavaglia, Sam Ellioth and Gustavo Viera, among many others. In case of acquiring a Pira charcoal oven, one of our chefs will be able to travel to carry out its start-up.



No masterclass is necessary to use a Pira charcoal oven, the basic usage of our ovens is simple and any chef can use it without problems. On the web we have different articles and videos that can serve as a guide to start taking advantage of the oven from the first day.

Our start-ups are aimed at those chefs who want to get the best results from the oven in all types of food. What grill to use for each one, what position in the oven is optimal, the temperatures and cooking times, the best usage of coal, or some ways to obtain the best flavors, textures …

With our chefs, you will be able to learn how to cook with a Pira Charcoal Oven meals as varied as, meats, vegetables, rices, fishes, desserts … any of them and many more can be cooked efficiently in one of our ovens. You will be able to introduce with more or less intensity the embers flavor, smoke or texture depending on the technique used.

In summary, with our start-up you will learn to add the unmistakable and unparalleled touch of #Piraflavour in your menu in the best way possible.



In Pira we offer a personalized service and we are always improving to offer the best service to our clients. Our goal is to introduce added value to all the restaurants that purchase one of our Charcoal Ovens. This is the reason we keep innovating every day.

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