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Charcoal Ovens Black Series

Charcoal Ovens Black Series

Pira Ovens dominates the charcoal oven market with the most extensive catalog currently on the market and for this it also offers the PIRA BLACK SERIES line.

With the PIRA BLACK SERIES line we want to reach the world for everyone.

The BLACK SERIES line of ovens is reduced to 3 models of charcoal ovens with hinged glass doors, capable of covering all types of restaurants and sizes, so that every restaurant could offer the unmistakable "PIRAFAVOUR".

It is the MOST ECONOMIC LINE, but this does not mean low quality. They are charcoal ovens painted in black and with normal maintenance they will last a lifetime .

All PIRA BLACK SERIES ovens have exactly the "same chassis" inside them as the LUX SERIES family of ovens, currently the world's best-selling family of charcoal ovens. The same oven in a different dress.

In all markets where PIRA is present in a greater or lesser proportion, there are charcoal ovens PIRA BLACK SERIES

The professional charcoal ovens PIRA BLACK SERIES is made up of the PIRA 70 BLACK model, the PIRA 80 BLACK model and THE PIRA 90 BLACK.

The PIRA BLACK SERIES family can be found in your home with the PIRA 50 BLACK model, in any restaurant around the corner, and also in some restaurant with stars Michellin or Soles Repsol. Do you like #piraflavour? What are you waiting for?


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