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Charcoal Ovens Lux Series

Charcoal Ovens Lux Series

Pira Ovens dominates the charcoal oven market with the most extensive catalog currently on the market and it does so hand in hand with the LUX SERIES.

All the possibilities and circumstances are foreseen and can be solved by this family of charcoal ovens and barbecues.

The charcoal ovens PIRA LUX SERIES is composed of a minimum of 15 charcoal oven types (ovens with drop-down glass door, ovens with drop-down blind door, ovens with lift-up door, and even a double oven with a blind door and a lifting door at the same time), each one with endless combinations of grills and possibilities as required by the chef in each case.

There is no type and size of restaurant that can resist the most complete line of charcoal ovens and barbecues on the professional market.

All this versatility and possibilities have made this line become a TOP SELLER LINE in more than 50 countries since its launch. All the details are thought and designed to offer a maximum comfort at work and in the performance or productivity of the charcoal oven, never forgetting the sense of spectacle that will give your restaurant and incredible added value.

Quality is not at odds with price, and this is a maxim that PIRA CHARCOAL OVENS AND BARBACUES always keep in mind, in order to offer you the maximum guarantees at reasonable prices.

The best-selling generation of charcoal ovens and barbecues in the world have a name, and it is the LUX SERIES. You can find it at home with the PIRA 50 LUX INOX model, in the restaurant on the corner or today in dozens and dozens of restaurants with Michellin Stars or Repsol Suns ... Do you want to enjoy #Piraflavour now? Do you dare? What are you waiting for?

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