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Barbecue JOBA 50 SM

Barbecue JOBA 50 SM

The JOBA 50 SM model is a barbecue produced to be placed ON A TABLE or a piece of furniture capble of high temperatures.

The barbecues are equipped with:

  • 1 rod grill in stainless steel
  • 1 meattong
  • 1 cold hand in case we want to take the cooking grill in the middle of the service to remove food on the same grill or in case we need to recharge the barbecue with coal
  • 1 ashtray drawer

Apart from the standard accessories, when ordering the barbecue there are other accessories available and also highly recommended such as:

  • Poker to remove the embers
  • The entire range of professional PIRA kitchenware that is also compatible with JOBA barbecues
  • Pira coal
  • Output of meat per hour = 12kg.
  • Robust – strong construction 24 kg weight.
  • Can be used with charcoal, coconut charcoal or in definitive, any type of charcoal suitable for cooking food.
  • Ash collection tray.
  • Very easy to store and move.
  • Supplied with 1 50x30 cm rod grill , 1 meat tong, and 1 cool hand.
No Ref Home Barbacue Cold Hand
No Ref Home Barbacue Meattongs
No Ref Home Barbacue Rod Grill
990.001/990.002 Charcoal Pira

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