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BBQ Combi Lux 110

BBQ Combi Lux 110

Get the authentic grilling flavour using the PIRA BBQ-Combi LUX 110

We present the latest charcoal barbecues added to our catalog

The charcoal barbecue PIRA BBQ COMBI LUX 110 is the result of several requests, concerns and comments from all the #piralovers people, who needed to give even a bigger show in their kitchens, while preserving all the versatility and functionality that our barbecues PIRA BBQ M80, PIRA BBQ M120 and PIRA BBQ M150 have.

The PIRA COMBI LUX 110 three main differences with respect to the rest of the PIRA charcoal barbecues are:

  • The side racks are liftable allowing the grill intensity adjustment.
  • They come equipped with a central warming column.
  • It is a barbecue designed to be put on the wall, but also as an "island" type, to be easily exposed to the customer's view, and that is the main focus in the design of this barbecue, designing every small detail for the customers joy and the chef versatility.

Like the rest of the PIRA charcoal barbecues, the PIRA COMBI LUX 110 barbecue allows endless options for cooking:

  • Grooved grills
  • Standard rod grills
  • Rotatory grill for Argentine steakhouses or restaurants
  • Rodizio, yakitori, sate ... skewers
  • Chickens skewers
  • Griddle plate
  • And the option to combine all the above possibilities

If you like #grilling, and you have in mind to expand or start your business ... from PIRA we invite you to think big you will obtain the best results!

The barbecue has a lifting system on the side racks, which allows the chef to control the grill intensity.

Supplied as standard with a side rod grill, a side grooved grill, 1 meat tongs and 1 poking shovel to move the charcoal.

Other types of grills can be supplied; skewer holders for simple skewers or chicken skewers, rotisserie type rotary racks.

Charcoal drawer with wheels can also be supplied, designed to store the charcoal just below the barbecue.



  • BBQ Grooved Grill Combi Lateral
  • BBQ Rod Grill Lateral Combi
  • Meat Tongs
  • Poker 70/70xl/80/90
901.140 BBQ Grooved Grill Combi Lateral
900.140 BBQ Rod Grill Lateral Combi
950.004 Meat Tongs TOP 41 CM
950.001 Poker 70/70xl/80/90
955.141 BBQ Combi Skewer
965.123 BBQ Combi Skewer Support Kit
955.140 BBQ Combi Skewers Chicken

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