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ref: 990.001/990.002

Weight: 15 Kg

Pira selects for its customers the best charcoal from hardwoods with high calorific value. These are special charcoals for our charcoal ovens and barbecues, with very little spark and high performance.

Gauges are large for a smoother and more stable ember during service. At the same time, these charcoals bring just the right touch of smoke to our dishes, aromatizing them so that they have the unmistakable flavor of the true grill.

We present two options, HOLM OAK CHARCOAL and PREMIUM PIRA CHARCOAL. Both options are perfect and with great performance. PREMIUM charcoal, coming from the marabou, has a higher resistance and a more standard size than the oak. The time to ignite the PREMIUM coal is a little slower, but the duration of this in the oven once ignited can be up to 20% longer.

Consult us and we will advise you the best charcoal for your oven and real needs ...

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