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PIRA 70 XL Silver SD

PIRA 70 XL Silver SD

Get the authentic grilling flavor using thePIRA 70 XL Silver SDcharcoal oven

This model maximizes the most small spaces … has the same width as the PIRA 70 Silver SD model, but this model reaches a depth of up to 7 cms more.

For all those who prefer to stay in “the dark side”, the Pira ovens are also presented with the option of the blind door.

The SD series of charcoal ovens has been designed for those establishments where the oven is not in sight of the public and it is not necessary to see the ember.

The blind door of the SD series, make the temperature in front of the oven smaller than with the glass door, which is ideal for restaurants with small kitchens.

Its features, performance, economy and measures make this charcoal ovens as the most economy, profitable and preferred by chefs for its comfort.

Like all of our ovens, he incorporate the PIRACOLD, the cooling system designed and registered by PIRA, the most important effects are the outdoor oven temperature and energy savings:

  • When the oven reaches its maximum operating temperature, the oven outside structure is maintained around 70ºC.
  • The temperature inside the cooking chamber is maintained for hours, even after the service is finished. Thus, although production is equal that other oven with the same dimensions, this oven saves energy and money; because of there is a very low charcoal consumption. The same amount of charcoal can be used to cook up to 25% than an charcoal oven without PIRACOLD.

It is ideal for small / medium establishments or for restaurants where the grill is an additional line in the menu.

The best oven at the best price!

All kinds of food can be cooked: meat, fish, vegetable, rice, pasta ...

  • Output of meat per hour = 65kg
  • Cast iron steel interior – retains heat within the oven
  • Piracold refrigeration system
  • Solid insulated door, which reduces the temperature in front of the oven
  • Fully insulated oven chamber
  • Fitted with thermometer
  • Fitted as standard with internal Air flow control and Firebreak – prevents fire exiting the oven and going into the extract canopy. These devices can be supplied as well in external version.
  • Can be used with all types of charcoal; Coconut charcoal, mineral charcoal…
  • Air flow entrance control and smokes exit control, included
  • Ash collection tray
  • Grease collection tray
  • Supplied with 4 adjustable legs.
  • Supplied with 1 stainless steel grid 585x535 mm, 1 x meat tongs + 1 x poker.
  • Possibility to cook with grooved grill 515x540 mm that allows you to cook without fear of flames and fires in delicate foods (fishes, some vegetables) or greasy foods (chicken, duck …).
  • The oven is served ready to enjoy it and does not need any extra accessories.
  • Internal firewall and integrated internal air regulator are included as standard.
  • Some extra accessories may be necessary depending on local regulations.
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