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BBQ M120

BBQ M120

Get the authentic grilling flavor using the Pira BBQ-M120 Charcoal Barbecue

The new professional modular charcoal barbecue by Pira.

The BBQ-M120 is designed with the dimensions of modular kitchens, allowing installation with other elements. Like all our other devices, it meets the highest standards of professional cooking and has been built to provide maximum performance and best value.

All kinds of food can be cooked: meat, fish and vegetable.

Delivered with 2 grooved grill, but as the rest of our barbecues is adaptable to be used with:

  • Grooved grills
  • Rod grills
  • Rotary grills for Asadores or Argentinian Restaurants…
  • Skewers for Rodizio, Sate, Yakitori…
  • Paellero grill for Spanish Restaurants

Supplied with our exclusive system to raise the hopper’s platform that lets you control the intensity of grilling at each moment.

  • Output of meat per hour = 65kg
  • Fitted with front grease collection tray
  • Cast iron steel interior – strong construction, only for professionals
  • This barbecue has a system to control the intensity of cooking (the cook can control the position of the hopper’s grill)
  • Fully insulated walls cooking chamber
  • Can be used with all types of charcoal
  • Ash collection tray
  • Supplied with 4 casters, 2 with brakes. Very easy to move.
  • Supplied with 2 special grooved steel grid, 1 meat tongs and 1 poker.
  • Other type of grills can are available: rod grid, iron cast grid, special grids for pots …

The special design of the grooved grid doesn’t let the flames arrives at the food.

Please note all charcoal barbecues, as tyhe other elements of a professional kitchen must be sitted under an extraction hood. Pira can supply an extraction system to ensure the most efficient extraction system in each case.


901.023 BBQ Grooved Grill 120
950.004 Meat Tongs TOP 41 CM
950.001 Poker 70/70xl/80/90
901.034 BBQ Griddle Plate 120
900.023 BBQ Rod Grill 120
905.000 BBQ Skewer
905.002 BBQ Skewer Support Kit M120
909.000 Black Lateral Table BBQ
902.045 Casserole Support BBQ
905.003 Coal Shovel
904.101 Rotatory Grill BBQ 120
904.002 Rotatory Grill Handler
904.001 Rotatory Grill Support Kit
920.320 Warming Column 120
920.321 Warming Column 120

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