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1/2 Pizza Baking Sheet 90

1/2 Pizza Baking Sheet 90

ref: 961.090

Dimensions: 37 x 59 cms
Weight: 0.3 Kg

In the Pira charcoal ovens you can cook absolutely everything using our multiple grills and supports, and we all agree, the charcoal cooking gives an inimitable flavor ... and obviously, the pizzas do not resist the unmistakable #piraflavor

The pizza baking sheets are specially designed to be attached on top of the oven rod-grill allowing to take advantage of the entire oven surface to cook pizzas with all the #piraflavour.

The utility of our pizza foils is given for those restaurants that use thin pizza doughs, preventing possible dough breakage that could occur when cooked directly on the rod-grill. Obviously when you use thicker pizza doughs, the pizza can be cooked directly on the rod-grill.

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