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Split PIRA 120 (4 guides)

Split PIRA 120 (4 guides)

ref: 970.120

Dimensions: 3 x 65 x 30 cms
Weight: 11 Kg

Pira charcoal ovens in our search to offer the most versatile ovens on the market, we have developed the Pira Split, an exclusive accessory for our charcoal ovens that it is as revolutionary as simple and practical.

The split or grill divider can be purchased for the PIRA 80 LUX or bigger charcoal ovens models. With the Pira Split, the customer has the option of cooking with different types of grills at the same height and at the same time, which allows the chef to cook different types of dishes at once.

The separator allows multiple configurations, it is possible to cook on one side of the oven with the traditional rod grill and on the other side of the oven with a grooved grill, or cook with a griddle on one side while still roasting in the other half of the oven , or cooking with a skewer while we use another half grill of any of the grill types we offer in PIRA, or simply cook with the same type of grill on both sides but at a different height, and thus having different cooking intensities … The possibilities are almost endless and make our Pira charcoal ovens into practical multitasking ovens where the limit is set by the skill and imagination of the chef.

The Split comes in two formats: 4-way Split and 7-way split. The 4 guides Pira Split is the most demanded because it allows the chef to cook on the lower part of the oven with different half grills and use the upper guides of the oven with whole grills, for slower cooking or cooking with utensils like casseroles, pans, etc … However, and due to the demand of some customers who have a very specific type of cooking, we also have the option of 7-way split: with this separator you can cook on any level and on both sides with half-grills.

The separator is very robust and dueto the fact that it has to be located directly above the coal, it is built to offer a great resistance to fire. With good use and maintenance, it is a lifetime accessory.

The Split is manufactured without any corner where food residues can accumulate, meeting the highest standards in food safety and making easier at once a perfect and fast cleaning.

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