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Support for Chicken Skewers PIRA 90

Support for Chicken Skewers PIRA 90

ref: 965.020

All Pira charcoal ovens have their own skewers support, and in the 90 and 120 size models we also offer half-support skewers which allow to combine cooking skewers in one side and a grooved, griddle or rod grill in the other side, among other options.

As a novelty, we have introduced for our large models a special skewer support for chickens, which allows us to fully cook suspended grilled chickens inside our ovens. It is another exclusive accessory, designed and patented by PiraOvens ... if you like grilled chickens and you like #piraflavour ... there is no excuse ...

All skewers support versions as well as PIRA skewers are made entirely of stainless steel, welded, polished and without any corner where food could accumulate, meeting the highest standards in terms of food safety and facilitating at the same time a perfect and fast cleaning.

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