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Table Espetero 160 Lux

Table Espetero 160 Lux

ref: 773.535

Dimensions: 175 x 51 x 76 cms
Weight: 134 Kg

These tables are used to move the Espeteros out of the kitchen and to cook in front of the audience. For this we have designed a front table to put pots or food that we are going to cook without the need of side tables, so that the utensils are hidden from the public view while they can see without problems how the chef is cooking.

Our tables, apart from having all the functionalities described above, they achieve it by maintaining modern, attractive lines, offering a great design but also designed for the "daily trot" and the mistreatment that in a professional kitchen may suffer.

There are no blind spots anywhere on the table, this facilitates a maximum and effective cleaning, and prevents the accumulation of pieces of coal in the space prepared for storage.

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