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Skewers Support

The special skewer support for charcoal ovens is another of Pira’s exclusive accessories. It is made of Stainless steel, thick, flexible, and totally resistant to high temperatures. It has a very attractive design, and it is very practical and easy to use.

With the support for skewers it is possible to cook all kinds of skewers, espetos shasliks, rodizio … without having to do it on a grill, where the food is often crushed and marked or burned by the contact with the grill.

The skewer support is presented for each of the PIRA charcoal oven models. In the oven models PIRA 90 LUX and PIRA 120 LUX you can buy a version to be used with the separator of half grills, this way we can make skewers on one side of the oven while on the other we cook with any other type of Pira accessories; Half rod grills, half griddle grills, half grooved grills, or other half skewer support but at a different height …

The skewer support has also been developed to be used in our M80 and M150 barbecues.

The best use case for the skewer support is in the ESP 80 and ESP 160 barbecues. In these barbecues already designed for skewers, the support has a regulator that allows cooking any type of skewer; Robata style little skewers, fish skewers in the style espetos, large skewers Shashlik style, etc … all at once and in a single barbecue …

The skewer support is manufactured without any corner where food residues can accumulate, meeting the highest standards in food safety and making easier at the same time a perfect and fast cleaning.