At Pira Charcoal Ovens, each of our ovens has its own specific table.

The Pira tables are made with a modern design, they are capable of supporting the large weights of the oven at the same time that can be easily handled by anyone regardless of age or physical condition.

They have holes through which we can fix the legs of the ovens corresponding to each table. When delivering the table, the customer finds some screws specially designed so that from the bottom of the table and through the holes we can screw each of the legs of the ovens. Obviously the legs of the ovens are ready for this operation in case the customer requests the table, either at the time of acquiring the oven or afterwards.

Detail of the hole for screw.

Leg of the oven hooked to the table.

By being able to fix the oven to the table, we convert the two pieces into a single piece and prevent the oven from overturning when moving the table.

For the easy handling of the table, this comes equipped with 4 wheels of great hardness and specially designed so that the mobility of the table is easy in any direction. The two front wheels come equipped with brakes to be able to falcate the oven once we have it in the desired place.

With the Pira tables, no matter how big the oven is, you can move it without any difficulty to make change position, transport or simply to clean the site.

Besides supporting the weight and offering oven maneuverability, Pira tables offer additional functionality.

Grill Drawer

All come with a guide to be able to store extra grills when they are not being used. Keep in mind that grills are objects with high weigh and take up space. With this system, we have found an easily accessible space, which does not occupy a place and is just where it is needed, under the oven.

The tables have an intermediate shelf to store the most common objects, pots or utensils that the chef uses on a day-to-day basis.

In the lower part of the table there is a cabin to store the coal of several services without having to go to look for a place away from the workplace. The shape of the coal compartment is shaped like a ramp, which allows the chef to collect charcoal with the Pira shovel, which is included with each of the tables.

Finally, our special tables for ESP-80 and ESP-160. These tables are used to move the ESP-80 and ESP-160 out of the kitchen and to cook in front of the audience. For this we have designed a front table to put pots or food that we are going to cook without the need of side tables, so that the utensils are hidden from the public view while they can see without problems how the chef is cooking.

Espetero table with support for food and utensils.

Our tables, apart from having all the functionalities described above, they achieve it by maintaining modern, attractive lines, offering a great design but also designed for the "daily trot" and the mistreatment that in a professional kitchen may suffer.

There are no blind spots anywhere on the table, this facilitates a maximum and effective cleaning, and prevents the accumulation of pieces of coal in the space prepared for storage.