The PIRA ovens have a large production capacity. The ovens can work perfectly with two or more grills at once obtaining at least twice the cooking surface. When working with more than one grill, a part from winning cooking surface, you will have more temperature control using different heights or cooking positions. The upper air-flow regulator can be used to control the amount of smoke inside the oven. You could also open ash drawer to stoke the fire.

When using the oven for the first time, it must work for 45 minutes with grills inside and no food cooking.  This will ensure that all the traces of oils and cleaning products used during manufacture are erased.

At the end of the service, the upper and lower air regulators must be completely closed (this is the default operation position). In this position there will be no airflow in the cooking chamber, as a consequence, oxygen and embers will extinguish slowly and this will produce little carbon wear.
On the next service, when we open the upper and lower airflow regulators, if there were embers remaining, these would be easily reactivated.

Depending on the quantity of ember remaining due to the previous service, we will have to use additional load to achieve the optimal amount of coal for the next service.

If there were no embers to revive, we would have to start again and follow the process explained in the section LIGHTING THE OVEN.

Always clean the oven when it is cold and before the first service. Keep the oven clean of ash and grease, which means less fumes and odors. Do not pile too much ash in the drawer. We recommend to empty the ash drawer every day. You must clean and empty the oil collector and the oil collector channeling hole regularly. If it were not cleaned regularly, over time the hole could be obstructed and lose its purpose. You must also clean grease collector placed under the door  and hidden by a trim cover regularly.
When the oven is cool, wipe the glass door  with an appropriate product to keep it as the first day. However and in case of doubt, a wet water cloth and a few drops of ammonia can be a quick solution. If you keep the glass clean, you will open the door less times, cooking faster and saving coal. Besides, keeping the glass clean will allow you to offer your guests the spectacle of the grill in the restaurant.

The interior of the cooking chamber can be cleaned with any degreaser, never use water, the only thing it does is to move the ashes. The outside of the painted ovens (black series) must be cleaned with a damp cloth of water or “neutral” soaps to avoid possible damage to the paintings. While cooking, try to clean the grill with the help of a long spikes brush often.

At least once a month, remove the plate firebreak that is on the roof of the oven and clean or empty the deposited soot. No tools is needed to perform this operation. It only takes few seconds. You must clean the accessories of the acquired chimney KIT regularly. acc-5The External firebreak should never be cleaned with water. Although the interior firebreak is an important first filter and is where much of soot derived from combustion is deposited, there may be remains of soot at the outside firebreak.
If you clean the external firebreak with water and depending on the amount of residue deposited, it may form a thick paste comparable to cement. You must shake the External firebreak to take out the remnants of ash, dust and soot.

The larger ovens and the desktop models tables come equipped with wheels,  facilitating their movement for a perfect cleaning of the place.

To prevent noise when you use the door is important the oiling of the indicated points.

2 points at each side in our Lux Glass Door and SD Doors charcoal ovens:

5 points at each side in our Lux Ed lifting door charcoal ovens:

Repeat this action regularly for proper operation.

Use suitable oils. Grease are not suitable because at high temperatures they deteriorate rapidly.

Graphite oil can be a good choice.

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