PIRA, the AUTHENTIC and REAL PRODUCER, since more than 20 years ago has produced for others companies around the world; our products have been sold always through other brands.

PIRA, from April 2014, bet for introduce its products to the market under its own brand and sell its products directly to the professional distributors.

PIRA, from the beginning of its appearance into the market will launch regularly new products and finishes.

PIRA, offer his customers the possibility to customize the charcoal ovens, charcoal barbecues or others products of its catalogue.

In PIRA, we understand  customize, as modify any feature of the product: dimensions, colors, small or big construction details…

PIRA, in definitive, and as the AUTHENTIC SPECIALIST PRODUCER, can produce and make reality with a professional product  any new design or idea that the professional restorer could need for its business. Therefore if you are looking for something that nobody offers you…you have finally arrived at your destination stop. PIRA, the brand of the GENUINE PRODUCER, will give you the solution and answer at all your necessities.



Would you like to know more about our charcoal ovens?

If you have any doubt about installation, characteristics, prices … please write us and we will answer quick and efficiently.

If you want to receive a personalized proforma, you can write direct to: info@piraovens.com